Why do you think Robbie left the game? *

It’s not quite the reason he got upset. What really upset Robbie?

The game wasn’t about winning. What really upset Robbie?

Yes. Jack was unkind, so Robbie didn’t want to play with him.

Click the sentences that you think are true? *

Well done, all these sentences are true. How do you think you treat your friends online?

Do you think it’s easier or harder to take back mean things you say or do online? Why? *

Hmmm. It could be harder when things stay online for a very long time.

Good thinking. Remember, things can stay online for a very long time.

What can happen if you’re mean online? *

Are you sure? Would you want a mean friend?

Maybe not, but that would be kind of funny.

Nice work. Why do you think?

You’ve worked really hard to finish the quiz! Nicely done! Now you know that being kind online is just as important as being kind with people face-to-face.  

Well done! You’re a whizz at being smart, safe and kind online! Come back next week to watch another episode of Search It Up.