What was Jack worried about? *

Jack loves basketball, but he always finds time to practice.

Jack does need to get those shorts fixed, but Gran can worry about that.

Well done! Jack’s not so sure that would be a good idea. Why?

Why was Jack worried about Maya sharing the video? *

Well done! These are all reasons why Jack was worried about that embarrassing video going online!

Maya thinks that if she shares the video and then takes it down, it won’t be online anymore. Is this: *

Hmmm. Think about it. Is it so easy to delete something from everywhere?

Well done! Even if you delete something from the Internet, it will always be somewhere!

Which sentence describes how long things stay online? *

Well done! These are all important to remember when sharing online.

So, if you share something online ask yourself ‘Do I want people to see, read, or hear this now and in the future?’

Well done! You’re a whizz at being smart, safe and kind online! Come back next week to watch another episode of Search It Up.