Why was Jack upset? *

While homework isn’t always fun, Jack gets it finished right away. Why was he really upset?

Sometimes arguments with friends do happen, but Jack was upset about something else. What was it?

Well done! Jack is sad because Robbie is bullying him by doing mean things on purpose more than once, even when Jack asks him to stop. How would you feel?

How was Maya bullied in her story? *

It’s not quite bullying to get teased once. Why do you think that is?

While not a nice thing to do, it’s not exactly bullying. Why do you think that is?

Well done! The girl sending Maya mean messages was a bully because she was being hurtful and would not stop when Maya asked her to.

Based on Maya and Jack’s stories, what do you think is the best way to solve a bullying problem for you or for a friend? *

Hmmm. Being mean back does not help and can make the problem even worse. Why do you think that is?

You shouldn’t have to hide from a bully and it won’t stop the problem. What might work better?

Well done! It’s not enough to just ignore a bully, you need to also talk about it with an adult you trust, like a teacher or your parents.

Which things describe bullying? *

Well done! Each of these is true about bullying.

Have you ever been bullied or seen a friend get bullied? *

That’s okay. Bullying can happen to anyone. Did you talk to a grown up about it?

That’s great! But, if it ever does happen to you, or you see a friend getting bullied, you know what to do!

Well done! You’re a whizz at being smart, safe and kind online! Come back next week to watch another episode of Search It Up.