How did Jack hurt his tablet? *

It did get Maya sick, but Jack’s snot did not hurt the tablet.

Not quite, but sometimes games can have pop-up ads and links with viruses that can hurt your device if you click them.

Well done! A computer virus is a program that can hurt, break, or try to steal information from your device.

Computer viruses spread by people getting tricked into downloading them through websites, pop-up ads, and false emails. *

Hmmm, how do you think computer viruses spread?

Well done! Computer programs that hurt your device are really good at pretending to be other things, so be careful!

What’s the best way to stay away from computer viruses and programs that can hurt your device? *

Even if it’s from family or friends, you should check what it is first. Jack thought he was getting something from Auntie Dol when he downloaded the virus.

This doesn’t mean you can’t get a virus when you’re using the device.

Well done! It’s always best to check if you’re not sure where a link or download is from. You can ask a grown up!

Nice Work! Now you know that viruses and malware are computer programs and software that can hurt or break your device. So, if you’re not sure what you’re clicking, always ask!

Well done! You’re a whizz at being smart, safe and kind online! Come back next week to watch another episode of Search It Up.